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Recorded TV HD Review - Dress up that boring TV interface!
"... If you love a beautiful UI and the ability to make it look as you want it to look, you simply can't beat Recorded TV HD. The ease of use, ability to customize the look and feel and favorite lists come together to provide a great experience that is hard to find anywhere else. ..." - Adam Thursby


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Entertainment 2.0 #160 : Recorded TV HD
Besides the listener feedback and questions, Recorded TV HD is the focus of the podcast. I was a guest on the show and discussed a lot about Recorded TV HD.

Discussion included: Recorded TV HD background information, integration with other services and products, different themes/views available (screenshots on home page), advantages over the standard recorded tv library including support for other file formats, hard things about developing for Media Center, Commercial Break Viewer, ability to hide the default menu strip and customize the Recorded TV HD strip, ability to launch Recorded TV HD with the recorded tv button on the remote....

Take a listen!

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Entertainment 2.0 #159 : Holiday Spectacular 2011
Adam Thursby on the Entertainment 2.0 Holiday Spectacular 2011 named Recorded TV HD

"Best New HTPC Product of the Year!"

Adam Thursby, Josh Pollard, and Richard Gunther also discuss their favorite features of Recorded TV HD including: artwork, favorites lists, better metadata over the network, segregation of recorded movies, support of archived tv shows, well designed, and that the plugin being developed very actively.

Take a listen! (Recorded TV HD talk starts around 23 minutes 50 seconds)

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Entertainment 2.0 #155 : Richard's All In
"I'm in... This is it for me... This is a perfect solution for me for Recorded TV and literally today I bought the household pack. Yep, I want it! ... I think we have a great product here that is just going to get better and better. " - Richard Gunther
Engadget HD
Missing Remote
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Recorded TV HD Released
"... So yeah it kind of blows away the current media center user interface when it comes to recorded television. ..." - James Montemagno

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